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K-Sorb Hydrophobic
K-Sorb Hydrophobic® Fiber

Ksorb Hydrophobic ParticulateA loose cellulose absorbent which is oleophilic (readily absorbs oil-based liquids) and is hydrophobic (resists water). It is used to absorb hydrocarbons, chemicals, oils, and greases on land and on open water. K-Sorb Hydrophobic Fiber is an excellent choice for solidifying chemical waste and stabilizing oil-based sludge prior to transportation and/or disposal. K-Sorb Hydrophobic Fiber effectively separates free oils from water and can be used to remove contaminants from shores, lakes, rivers, ports, marinas, lagoons, and ponds. It passes US EPA Paint Filter Test Method 9095A after absorbing 13 times its weight (1.8 gallons per lb) in oils, making it much more cost efficient than other cellulose absorbents, sphagnum peat moss, and polypropylene. K-Sorb Hydrophobic's high capillary wicking action instantly attracts hydrocarbons, locking them into its hollow fibers and allows for quick cleanup before the spill spreads. K-Sorb Hydrophobic fiber passes the TCLP and prevents the leaching problems associated with clay, d. e., and polypropylene. Once saturated with hydrocarbons it has absorbed, K-Sorb Hydrophobic's additional 9,809 btu/lb and low ash content make it an exceptional candidate for disposal as an alternative fuel source at cement kilns, fossil fuel plants, and traditional incinerators. This product is available in 30 lb. compressed bags measuring 18 inches x 22 inches x 12 inches.



Hydrophobic Absorbent Market Analysis
Product Material Absorbency 40W Oil
(lb waste absorbed / lb)
Absorbent Cost Truckload Pricing ($/gal absorbed)
K-Sorb Hydrophobic Fiber Cellulose 13.1 Call for Pricing
K-Sorb Hydrophobic Particulate Cellulose 4.1 Call for Pricing
Absorbent W Cellulose 4.3 Call for Pricing
New Pig PLP405 Cellulose 2.6 Call for Pricing
New Pig MAT403 Pads Polypropylene Pad 9.5 Call for Pricing
3M HP156 Pads Polypropylene Pad 24.4 Call for Pricing
Spill 911 Hydrophobic Chopped Polypropylene 11.5 Call for Pricing
New Pig PLP404 Peat Moss 5.2 Call for Pricing
Sphag Sorb Peat Moss 4.7 Call for Pricing
Oclansorb Peat Moss 7.4 Call for Pricing
Oil Gator Cotton 4.1 Call for Pricing