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K-Sorb Hydrophobic

A densified version of K-Sorb Hydrophobic Fiber. It has the same characteristics as the fiber, but it is pourable in nature and more resistant to windy conditions. K-Sorb Hydrophobic Particulate can absorb 4 times its weight (over half a gallon per pound) and is used for controlling and remediating CERCLA liquid hazardous waste on land and on open water. It is a cost effective alternative to Absorbent W, polypropylene, and peat moss. In addition, K-Sorb Hydrophobic particulate is used as a filter media to remove oils and greases from contaminated water sources. It is available in 22 lb. bags (approximate 1.5 CF) of loose particulate.

Ksorb Hydrophobic Particulate


Hydrophobic Absorbent Market Analysis
Product Material Absorbency 40W Oil
(lb waste absorbed / lb)
K-Sorb Hydrophobic Fiber Cellulose 13.1
K-Sorb Hydrophobic Particulate Cellulose 4.1
Absorbent W Cellulose 4.3
New Pig PLP405 Cellulose 2.6
New Pig MAT403 Pads Polypropylene Pad 9.5
3M HP156 Pads Polypropylene Pad 24.4
Spill 911 Hydrophobic Chopped Polypropylene 11.5
New Pig PLP404 Peat Moss 5.2
Sphag Sorb Peat Moss 4.7
Oclansorb Peat Moss 7.4
Oil Gator Cotton 4.1