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K-Sorb Universal Particulate

Universal ParticulateA highly absorbent cellulose product used to absorb and control liquid spills in industrial settings. It is manufactured from recycled cellulose fiber and is non-selective (Eco ) in what it absorbs. It is a non-carcinogenic, low dust alternative to clay, vermiculite, and d. e. Ideally suited for spill cleanup on land, K-Sorb Eco Particulate can absorb 3 to 5 times its weight in liquid spills, making it over 400% more absorbent than clay. A 10 gallon spill would require one 22 lb. bag of K-Sorb, or 88 lbs. of clay. Lightweight and highly absorbent, K-Sorb Eco Particulate is an excellent choice for solidifying liquids and stabilizing sludge. Its use can reduce inbound transportation costs and material handling by 75% versus clay, while reducing hauling and disposal cost 40%. It has high btu value (8,484 btu/lb) and qualifies under RCRA for cost effective and permanent disposal as fuel through incineration. Inorganic absorbents such as clay, fly ash, vermiculite, and d. e. do not, making their disposal means more limited and costly. K-Sorb Eco Particulate is available in 22 lb. bags.

Universal Absorbency Analysis (1000 gallons free liquid)
Source: Pollution Technology Review No. 150
Product Absorbency Ratio Absorbent Required (lb.) Disposal Weight (lb.)
EcoFiber 13 640 8,980
K-Sorb Universal Particulate 4.0 2,085 10,425
Clay 1.0 8,340 16,680
Fly Ash, Diatomaceous Earth, or Corn Cob 1.4 5,900 14,240