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Why Ecosorb?


The Ecosorb product line is non-carcinogenic, nontoxic, and contains no furans or dioxins. Unlike clay, it contains no silica dust, which not only causes silicosis, a form of cancer, but is abrasive and can damage expensive machinery. Further, clay becomes slick when saturated with oils, causing problems for folklifts and pedestrians in the traffic areas, wheres K-Sorb does not.

Key Benefits to Choosing Ecosorb International Products

  • Instantly Absorbs Spills of All Types
  • Leaves affected area clean and dry and void of debris
  • Save money by reducing Labor, Downtime and Disposal
  • Quick Clean up
  • Waste Minimization
  • Disposal Options
  • Safe (read more below)
  • Environmentally Friendly (read more below)
  • More absorbent than Clay and other common absorbents

Clean Up Oil SpillsQuick Cleanup

K-Sorb's high capacity wicking action instantly attracts liquids - locking them into its hollow cellulose fibers allowing for quick cleanup before spills spread. K-Sorb's superior absorptive capacity means less absorbent is transported to the spill and site and less waste is removed for disposal, thereby effectively reducing manpower and material handling requirements.

Environmentally Friendly

Ecosorb products are made from reclaimed cellulose fiber that, if not recycled, would contribute to the growing demands the world is placing on its environment. Because of their superior absorption, they greatly reduce the amount of waste that is produced at the cleanup site. Upon being used, the waste created can then either be incinerated (saving a very limited area of landfill space) or even be recycled once again as an alternative fuel source. Quite simply, no other absorbents on the market can offer such a positive impact on the environment combined with the cost effectiveness of our line of absorbents.

Waste Minimization

K-Sorb® fiber products can absorb over 13 times their weight in liquids and still pass a paint filter test for solid landfill disposal. To absorb and solidify 1000 gallons of free liquid waste, it would require:

  • 8,340 - 11,000 lbs. of clay
  • 6,000 - 8,000 lbs. of fly ash or diatomaceous earth
  • 640 lbs. of Ecofiber®

This not only saves the environment by creating less waste, but reduces hauling and disposal costs substantially.

Disposal Options

K-Sorb® absorbents are made from recycled cellulose fibers, have between 8,400 and and 9,800 btu/lb., and burn to less than 3% ash, making them ideal for incineration. Not only does this allow for traditional incineration and reduce the demand on a limited amount of landfll space, but it increases disposal options to include fuel blending facilities such as cement kilns and fossil fuel plants, which could use hydrocarbon saturated K-Sorb as an alternative fuel source in their manufacturing process. K-Sorb locks liquids into its hollow fibers allowing it to pass EPA Paint Filter Test Method 9095 and TCLP leachate standards required for landfill disposal. Because K-Sorb's natural organic elements can be broken down when microbial enzymes are added, bioremediation also becomes a disposal option. Polypropylene has restrictions on its incineration and is known to leach, while mineral sorbents (clay, diatomaceous earth, and vermiculite) do not burn and are also prone to leaching problems, often limiting their disposal to more costly means.

Spill Control

On land or on water, K-Sorb® is the answer for spill control and cleanup. The K-Sorb Universal line absorbs hydrocarbon, chemical, and aqueous liquids alike. It outperforms clay, corn cob, diatomaceous earth, and vermiculite absorbents. Greater absorbency results in reduced absorbent requirement, manpower, and waste generated requiring costly disposal. The K-Sorb Hydrophobic line is more economical than polypropylene, peat, and other hydrophobic cellulose absorbents. It is an excellent selection for absorbing spills floating in sumps, pits, and lagoons, or offshore when used as a boom, sock, or pillow filling.

Sludge StabilizationSludge Stabilization and Liquid Waste Solidification

K-Sorb® fiber products are ideal for sludge stabilization and liquid waste solidification projects. Lightweight and highly absorbent, K-Sorb passes TCLP and paint filter testing, has a high heat content (over 8,400 Btu/lb), and burns to less than 3% ash. In summary, no other product available can absorb 13 times its weight in free liquid while providing the same level of disposal freedom and envrionmental protection as K-Sorb fiber.


Oil AbsorbtionOil Filtration

K-Sorb® hydrophobic products can also be used to filter hydrocarbons, chemicals, and grease from contaminated water sources. Simply run the water through a column or drum containing K-Sorb hydrophobic Particulate or K-Sorb Hydrophobic Fiber. The contaminant is absorbed and contained for disposal, and clean water is discharged for reuse.